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Now, as these recent works suggest, painting for Sirry is, as never before, a resolutely potent medium for pondering the nature of being, of time and fate.

Another Wes Anderson pastiche: first there was Nicholas Gurewitch's soundtrack for the imaginary film The Cloud Photographers, and now there's an impression of a Wes Anderson Spider-Man film.

It is as if, I am standing before an oracle the utterance of which is laced with arcane proverbs and turns of phrase the meaning of which I must unravel to make sense of my world.

In the late 1960s, following the 1967 Arab-Isreali War (aka Six-Day War) that bruised the Egyptian national spirit, Sirry's previously well-formed figures and landscapes--reflecting the certainty of hope in the wake of the 1952 Gamal Abdel Nasser-led Revolution--began to dissolve.

Which seems to be mostly made of The Royal Tenenbaums.

While standing in line at the post office, I saw this new series of stamps devoted to American scientists...which is kind of ironic considering how our sciences are now under attack from all corners: from evangelicals to pharmaceutical marketing, educational declines, and funding cuts.

Kim found her lump at age 30 while planning her son’s second birthday party, and faced the issues of raising a toddler while she underwent treatment.

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Yesterday, as I was looking at recent paintings by the Egyptian artist Gazbia Sirry (b.

We stick to our routines in an attempt to keep symptoms at bay.

We become accustomed to not going certain places because the environment will cause symptoms.

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Users have found this a highly convincing app that has helped them find their partners craving to love.But unlike other women their age, their conversations also turned to more serious issues, issues their “non-breast cancer” friends Like any group of young women, Patti, Kim, Jennifer, and Jana talked about their latest career moves, the men in their lives, and their dreams for family each month when they met for lunch at the café at their local Nordstrom department store.

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