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The conclusions from the study found that – amongst college students – the male partners in the relationships were far more likely to be attracted to the women than vice-versa and that the men would Now, arguments could and have been made about the article’s interpretation of the data (which varies from the stated purpose of the study), the way the study was conducted, the potential problems with the sample pool or the statistical conclusions that can be drawn from a 1 point difference in estimated levels of attraction (on a 9 point scale).I’m not about to try to wrangle with the data, but there aspects that I took issue with.

v snog; French kiss: I could swear I saw Ian’s dad copping off with some woman at the cinema the other day.

v make conversation with someone of the opposite sex with the intention of endearing yourself to them: Arthur spent the whole bloody night chatting up some bird in a wig.

It’s a very old term, and predates female homosexuals.

Time on Tinder: 8 months Matches a day: 10 Number of first dates: 1 Holly believes her hair helps her stand out and has also included a picture of her on holiday “as I want people to think I have a fun life”.

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Time on Tinder: 2 years Matches a day: 20 Number of first dates: 5 Despite being on holiday with his mates in Marbella, Stefan didn’t neglect Tinder and once ditched his mates to take a girl out on a date.

People who believe that yes, men and women the idea that there’s some sort of impossible wall between men and women and ascribe all sorts of motivations to it – that men only are friends with women because they want to sleep with them or that women that their male friends want them and string them along because they enjoy the ego boost or because they get their jollies over the power they wield.