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17-Jul-2017 01:16

Ever since we have received hundreds of questions about various Feed Burner bugs, issues, etc.In this article, we will talk about why you should avoid using Feed Burner. You still don't have ownership of your Feed URL and 2. If your source feed (the one created by Libsyn or another hosting company) exceeds 512 kb - then Feedburner just stops updating your feed. PROS: While libsyn actually makes it very easy to change your feed in i Tunes by adding in a new feed tag and even setting up a redirect - only one or two other podcast hosts give you this control.With most podcast hosts you are locked into their feed and if they go under like - Podango, Podcast Spot, Podshow Creator, Gcast and others - then you are dead in the water.

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Feed Burner is Google’s RSS feed management service that many bloggers relied upon several years ago (What is RSS? While Google hasn’t shut it down yet, it has been rumored for quite sometime that Google is going to shut it down. Well because we are still getting emails from users regarding Feed Burner.So if you think the Pros out weigh the Cons lets go over to Feedburner and get started - Otherwise you can skip to Step 9.