Ryuichi sakuma and tohma seguchi dating quizzes

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Note: Many of our articles have direct quotes from sources you can cite, within the Wikipedia article! He left the band three years ago to pursue a solo career in America but returned to Japan to reform Nittle Grasper. Lead singer of the popular band Nittle Grasper along with Tohma Seguchi and Noriko Ukai, and friend of Shuichi.As the series goes on, it becomes evident that much of this is a carefully constructed mask: when Eiri is involved, Tohma has been known to be far from rational and soft-spoken. Eiri Yuki Tohma's relationship with his brother-in-law is a mix of intense affection and guilt over his own failure to protect him from the disaster when they were living in New York.He is over-protective of Eiri to the point where it becomes an obsession as he himself can't get over how he hired Yuki Kitazawa when he didn't know he was actually a pedophile that almost had Eiri raped until Eiri shot him as self defense, and there are several incidents that make it evident that between his business and Eiri, Eiri will always come first.Through coincidence, they kept bumping into each other, and eventually came together romantically.In the series (manga and anime), Eiri and Shuichi struggle with their celebrity status and their mercurial relationship. ) is the keyboard player in Nittle Grasper and Mika Seguchi's husband.He is the head of N-G recording company and demands the best from all his contractual bands.

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Shuichi Shindo is voiced by Tomokazu Seki in Japanese and Rich Mc Nanna in English. Eiri Yuki is a popular romance novelist who met Shuichi Shindo in the park and mercilessly dismissed his song lyrics.

Shuichi is excited at the news of Nittle Grasper's reunion, but that now makes Ryuichi his rival.

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